Wedderburn Motion Compensated Scales (for use on vessels)

Wedderburn Marine Scales (motion compensated for on-board measuring)

Wedderburn Marine Scales are specifically designed for use on board fishing vessels and factory trawlers.  With an in built motion compensation algorithm, they are able to be used on unstable decks and are the perfect match for Scielex measuring boards when used on board a vessel.

Wedderburn Marine Scales are both equipped with motion compensation devices which compensate for the motion of a vessel at sea, making weighing almost as fast and accurate as on land.

Wedderburn have developed an Australian-made marine weighing scale specifically for the Australian Marine Industry.  Their on-board motion compensated marine scales incorporate motion and tilt compensation for weighing at sea, and due to Wedderburn’s Marine Motion Compensated Software, you’ll no longer need to calibrate your marine scales whilst out at sea. The Wedderburn on-board motion compensated marine scale is being used by commercial fisherman and marine researchers throughout Australia enhancing efficiencies in South Australia, San Remo, Tin Can Bay, Portland, Tasmania, Queensland, Darwin, Fremantle, Point Samson, Bundaberg, Townsville, Eden, Lakes Entrance, Jakarta, Georgia (USA), South Carolina (USA), Florida (USA).

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