About us

Hallprint is a family owned fish tag manufacturing, distribution and advisory business that was founded by the late Michael Hall and his wife Wendy Hall in the 1980s and now directed by son David, a fisheries scientist and former senior government fisheries manager, and his wife Leanne Berich with general organisational management provided by Darren Evans and production management support from Julie Langmead with up to eight additional part-time production staff.

The Michael Hall Student Innovation Award is granted each year by the Australian Society for Fish Biology to the student that is assessed as proposing the most innovative post graduate study project.  This award is testimony to the innovative work that Michael did over many years assisting both scientists and students to have the best possible external tags available to them for their studies.

In addition to our custom made external tags (including external PIT tags) that are manufactured in our new state of the art production facility, Hallprint also now provides a range of allied products likely to be used by fisheries scientists when conducting tagging operations including Scielex electronic measuring boards and integrated weighing scales with motion compensated options, Scielex bluetooth calliper adaptors for measuring crustaceans and shellfish, and attachment systems (anchors and tethers) for satellite tags to name a few. 

Talk to or e-mail Darren or David today (see "Contact Us" - all web site form enquiries are received by both of us) to discuss your tagging plans and how we can help you most cost effectively achieve your study objectives.

Hallprint's modern production facility in Hindmarsh Valley, South Australia.

Hallprint's modern production facility in Hindmarsh Valley, South Australia.