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Before placing your final order for fish tags please contact us to discuss your individual needs and/or request a quotation.

You can do this by making an online enquiry or contact us directly.

The owner/director of Hallprint, David Hall, is a qualified and experienced fisheries scientist and has published internationally in this field along with having extensive practical tagging experience. We attempt to keep up with the current literature and are constantly discussing fish tagging methodologies with research scientists that are often also our clients.

We will always attempt to respond to e-mail contacts within 48 hours of receipt. If you do not receive a response within 72 hours it is likely that the communication was either not received or transmitted successfully at either end. If a response is not received within 72 hours please contact us again.

If you have received a valid quotation already and wish to place an order please contact us at your convenience and we will e-mail an appropriate order form to you for completion.


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