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Fish Tags

Hallprint supplies a wide variety of fish tags for all applications including both;

A range of external tag styles covering the full range of fish, crustacean and molluscan species (including external PIT tags); and

Satellite/Archival Tag Tether Systems for holding high cost electronic tags.

Key criteria for any fish tags are that they should –

  1. Have a high and known retention rate including during the recapture process;
  2. remain readable over long times at liberty;
  3. be easily detected and readable when the tagged fish is recaptured;
  4. not significantly injure, kill or effect the behaviour of the fish; and
  5. not increase or decrease catchability or predation pressure.

Hallprint tags have proven time and again to lead the world in terms of the durability of our markers. We have been manufacturing fish tags since 1982 and regularly have fish tags returned after more than 20 years at liberty in an entirely readable state. Independent scientific publications and unsolicited testimonials point to the superior legibility and longevity of Hallprint markers -

“We’ve used these tags (PDL) for about 20 years now and the results have been wonderful in that we can read tags that are 15 years old, whereas a competitor’s tag becomes illegible after 5 years or so” (unsolicited e-mail, US based researcher August 2003).


“Failure rates (printing loss or tag loss) were about six times higher for the (competitor’s) tags (36%) than the Hallprint tags (6%)” (Henderson-Arzapalo et al. (1998) North American Journal of Fisheries Management Vol.19, No.2, pp 482-493 – referring to internal anchor tags).

“I am glad to see that you are still in business because your tags are the best in the industry.” (US based senior researcher May 2003)".

Our unique single moulded construction on our T-bar anchor, dart, lock-on and body cavity anchor tags ensure that the tags do not fall apart over time while protecting vital print information from the elements.

Our quality edge flows through to superior quality control, labelling and packaging of tags in sequential order to make your job - and that of your technicians or volunteer taggers - so much easier in the field. Our packaging ensures a professional, orderly appearance as well as protection for the tags. Compare this with our competition.

We will also do our utmost to get tags to you when you need them and will always quote the full (delivered) cost of your tags within 48 hours of receiving the full specifications.

Our External tag range includes:

  • T-bar Anchor tags
  • Plastic Tipped Dart tags
  • Gamefish & Shark tags
  • Body Cavity tags
  • Self-Locking tags
  • Poly Streamer Tags
  • Glue-on Shellfish tags
  • Stainless Steel Dart Tags
  • External PIT Tags

Colour Range

Our full colour range for tag markers includes; red, orange, yellow, terracotta brown, beige, mid green, lime green, purple, blue, grey and white.

The most popular colour for high visibility and legibility is yellow.