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Electronic Measuring Equipment

  • Scielex Electronic Fish Measuring Board

  • Scielex Bluetooth Caliper Adapter

  • Electronic Weight Measuring Equipment

Scielex Electronic Fish Measuring Boards and Scielex Bluetooth Caliper Adapter

Hallprint is the supplier of Scielex Fish measuring boards produced by Scielex in Tasmania, Australia.  The savings in terms of reduced labour costs and reduced recording errors/data loss for either board can be many times the initial outlay over a relatively short time period.


The  Scielex Fish Measuring Board provides fisheries researchers with a fast, efficient and cost-effective method for transferring fish length, together with other information to almost any digital device.

An industrial linear position sensor is used to provide a highly linear and repeatable length measurement and data is transferred automatically via RS232 cable or Bluetooth when a sample is taken.

The Bluetooth connection may be made with almost any device that can connect to a Bluetooth keyboard. This includes, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The Measuring Board appears as a Bluetooth Keyboard and data is sent as key presses.

Standard length ranges: 400 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm. Other lengths area available on request.

The Scielex board has an internal NiMh battery which provides approximately 40 hrs of continuous use.

Dimensions: Width: 250 mm; Height: 130 mm; Length: 380 mm + Length Range.

The unit is also sealed to IP66 rating.

See a short video link here showing the measuring board integrated with an external RFID (PIT) tag reader - https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ctj2f47r1jKHivcf1.

Electronic (Bluetooth) Vernier Caliper Adapter

Hallprint can also supply waterproof (IP67) Scielex Bluetooth adapters for easily converting your carapace and shell measurements to key presses by Bluetooth.  Animals can be sexed at the same time as they are measured by simply pressing the M or F button when measurements are taken.  The speed and accuracy of measuring and sexing is enhanced as is the recording accuracy as the data can be bluetoothed to your smartphone or bluetooth tablet.


Converts Mitutoyo Caliper measurements to key presses via Bluetooth. May be used in ‘keyboard’ mode (unit appears as a Bluetooth keyboard) or in ‘serial pipe’ mode (data appears on a virtual RS232 port).  The unit has three waterproof press buttons to take samples and a "Class 1" Bluetooth link.  It is supplied with a rechargeable Lithium battery and is sealed and waterproof to IP67.  The unit is supplied with PC software for setup including adjustable prefix, button press text, delimiter, and terminator.

Electronic weight measurement equipment

A&D Scales (for use on stable surfaces)

Hallprint is now a global supplier of A&D brand weight scales to the fisheries market. These are fully waterproof (IP67 rated) and excellent value for money. We can offer you a package to suit your needs from scales with a 3200g capacity at 0.01g accuracy to a 30kg capacity scale with 1g accuracy. These scales are perfectly matched for use with the Scielex electronic measuring board which when connected has drivers to acquire data directly from them through a hotkey on the decal. We work closely with each customer to ensure the best suited product combination for their requirements. A&D scales are backed by a 5 year warranty on selected models.

Please contact us for more information and pricing on A&D scale options or perhaps a tailored package deal to include a Scielex measuring board. 


Wedderburn have developed an Australian-made marine weighing scale specifically for the Australian Marine Industry.  Their on-board motion compensated marine scales incorporate motion and tilt compensation for weighing at sea, and due to Wedderburn’s Marine Motion Compensated Software, you’ll no longer need to calibrate your marine scales whilst out at sea. The Wedderburn on-board motion compensated marine scale is being used by commercial fisherman and marine researchers throughout Australia enhancing efficiencies in South Australia, San Remo, Tin Can Bay, Portland, Tasmania, Queensland, Darwin, Fremantle, Point Samson, Bundaberg, Townsville, Eden, Lakes Entrance, Jakarta, Georgia (USA), South Carolina (USA), Florida (USA).


Current Products

Wedderburn marine remote display scale

Wedderburn marine remote display scale

Wedderburn marine display pole scale

Wedderburn marine display pole scale