External RFID PIT Tags

Hallprint's external RFID PIT tags

Hallprint's external radio frequency identification (RFID) PIT tags are already providing researchers with much needed peace of mind when tagging fish that could one day become food on the plate. 

Why expose your organisation to unacceptable risks of expensive litigation by implanting fish with glass capsule PIT tags?   

Any tagged fish that may enter the human food chain must remain safe to eat. Glass capsule tags are considered too risky to be used as implant tags for obvious reasons, so Hallprint only provide external tags where the PIT tag itself is outside the body of the fish.

Hallprint have developed innovative processes that enable glass capsule PIT tags to be moulded into most of our standard external fish tags including (but not limited to) T-Bar tags (types TBF-PIT and TBA-PIT) and plastic tipped dart tags (all except type PDX and PDXL).  These tags can also be printed with ID numbers and return information to allow additional recapture information from anglers and commercial fishers and have been successfully used on fishway migration projects and saltwater stock assessment projects already.

Hallprint polymer 11.4 x 2.18 mm FDX-B 134.2 kHz implantable PIT tag (food safe)

Type PDA-PIT (7 mm PICO PIT)

Type PDAT-PIT (12mm PIT)

Type PDL-PIT (top) and PDS-PIT (7 mm PICO PIT)

Cable tie PIT Module (12 mm PIT)

PIT tag readers

Hallprint supplies and recommends the Datamars portable GES-3S readers and external wands for use with our external PIT tags. Please contact us for further information and pricing.