Glue-on Shellfish Tags

Glue-on Shellfish Tags

Hallprint's type FPN glue-on shellfish tags are rapidly becoming the industry standard for individual identification of shelled molluscs such as abalone, geoduck, scallops and mussels. The thin (150 um), flexible polyethylene conforms to the shell surface and attaches firmly with cyanoacrylate glues or super glue/crazy glue to hard shell surfaces. Three major sizes are available viz.-

  1. 8 x 4 mm oval (type FPN 8x4)
  2. 8 mm circle (type FPN 8x8)
  3. 16 x 8 mm oval (type FPN 16x8)

The 8 x 4 mm oval tag is by far the most popular as it generally conforms well with the grooves on the shell surface. The 8 x 4 mm oval and 8 mm diameter circle tags can be produced with up to four alpha-numeric characters (eg A000 - A999) whereas the 16 x 8 mm tags can utilise up to seven characters per tag (e.g. A000001 - A001000). Tags are presented on strip rolls for easy detachment in ascending sequential number order. As with most of our tags the full colour range is available.

Type FPN 8 mm x 4 mm Glue-on Tags

Type FPN 8 mm x 16 mm Glue-on Tags

Type FPN 8 mm Circle Glue-on Tags