Plastic Tipped Dart Tags

Hallprint's range of plastic tipped dart tags (see below) are designed to provide a diversity of high quality options for researchers embarking on a finfish tagging program.

Please note that all dart tags can be custom produced to the length required for each study and need not be made to the lengths shown.

As with the T-bar anchor tags, dart tags are normally applied in such a way that the barb locks behind about the second or third basal rays or "pterygiophores" of the first or second dorsal fins.  A detailed "slow motion" video on an anaesthetised fish showing exact angles etc can be viewed at 

In elasmobranchs the barb is lodged in a cartilagenous section of the fish, usually in the body of the fish below the dorsal fin in sharks or in the "wings" of rays and skates.

The smallest dart tags, the type PDX and PDXL (see below), have a ~ 1.2 mm diameter marker and are applied with an approx. 2.4 mm outside diameter applicator needle. They are suited to finfish species between about 20 cm and 30 cm (PDX) or 28-40 cm (PDXL). These tags are popular for small fish likely to undergo fast growth rates such as juvenile tuna.  A tag ID number can only be produced at the distal end of the marker and only one line of print is possible on these particular tags.

Type PDX extra small plastic tipped dart tag

Type PDXL extra small dogleg plastic tipped dart tag

The small dart tag range (type PDS, PDL and PDW - see below) have a ~1.6 mm diameter marker and are applied with an ~3.3 mm outside diameter applicator needle. This range is suited to fish across a wide range of sizes, with the PDS and PDW tag suitable for fish from about 35 cm up to about 55 cm and the "dogleg barb" PDL tag (see bottom of page) which is suited for fish from about 40 cm up to about 80 cm. These tags are very popular with recreational fish tagging programs for a wide variety of species due to the ease of use and lower unit cost of applicators compared to T-bar tags.  An ID number is usually printed at both ends of the marker and two lines of text are possible although only one is recommended in order to maximise the font size and hence readability of the print.

Type PDW small flat barb plastic tipped dart tag

Type PDS small plastic tipped dart tag

Type PDL small dogleg barb plastic tipped dart tag

Large dart tags (type PDA - see below) have a ~1.6 mm diameter marker and are applied with a ~4.0 mm outside diameter needle and are proven performers with finfish and sharks from about 45 cm and above including tuna, barramundi, snoek, tarpon and spanish (king) mackerel to name a few.

A thicker and more visible version of the type PDA tag called the PDAT (see below) is often produced with a ~2.0 mm marker (see below).  This uses the same diameter needle as the type PDA tag and has an identical tag head.  The PDAT tag is only available in high visibility yellow or orange colours.

Type PDA large plastic tipped dart tag

Type PDAT large thick marker plastic tipped dart tag

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