Polyethylene Streamer Tags

Hallprint's polyethylene streamer tags are extremely popular with researchers for a wide variety of finfish and crustaceans including especially prawns (shrimp), juvenile fish and clawed lobster. A range of sizes are available with a variety of notch styles and sizes.

Hallprint pioneered a streamlined attachment of the disposable applicator needle to the tag to minimise the tag entry wound which is critical for tag retention and survival of delicate young fish and prawns. The standard needle length is now 58 mm (see on 2XW tag below) although the previous standard size of 38 mm (see on 2W tag below) is still available on request. Both needles are exactly the same gauge or diameter but most find the longer needles easier to use. Up to a maximum of seven alphanumberic characters may be used including sequential tag numbers.

Our streamer tags may be packaged in "snap lock" plastic bags in lots of 25 or 50 or for an extra fee they can be placed on folded cards ready for easy field application in sequential tag number order.

Please note that we are now only able to print numbers on one "wing" of the PST tags as per the 13S tag below and can not print on both "wings" as per the 2W tag below.

Type: Streamer PST13S

Type: Streamer PST4S

Type: Streamer PST2S

Type: Streamer PST13P

Type: Streamer PST12P

Type: Streamer PST7P

Type: Streamer PST2P

Type: Streamer PST2W

Type: Streamer PST2XW

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